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Game Mods

Who of us have never played a computer game and thought something along the lines of Why does so-and-so not work like this-and-that? It would be way more kewl/realistic/whatever. Sometimes we discussed it with our friends, and they would nod in agreement. Sometimes one would even write a blog or an angry forum post on it. But that was usually as far as it went.

Or at least until I got a computer powerful enough to run Morrowind. After being stuck in a quest, I searched the internet for help, and, ultimately, found the Morrowind modding community. Suddenly, there were a whole new world of fanmade content – better graphics, more quests, alternative gameplay, new outfits, and more – opening up to me. The decision of Bethesda Softworks to release a Construction Set that allowed a very easy way to edit the game content had sparked an enourmous amount of creativity in the minds of the fans. I was mostly a mod user, but I did tweek a few of the mods I downloaded.

When Oblivion came out, I first tried to play it without mods – to get the vanilla experience. But after some 40 hours of playing, the level scaling, in-your-face handsholding just got to me. I started searching for mods to do something about all I found to be wrong. One of the first mods, I downloaded, were Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul – a gigant mod, changing the face of Cyrodiil, forever. But to get that mod to run smoothly with other mods (Is it compatible with OOO were the typical noob question at the forums at the time), one had to get at least a basic understanding of how mods worked and were structured.

And as time went by, that understanding translated into tinkering with mods, and, finally, making and releasing mods. I have modded the following games:

TES IV: Oblivion

Fallout 3

Civilization IV: Colonization

I have also tinkered somewhat with

Heroes of Might and Magic IV

Civilization II – IV

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