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Do you have time for a Nuka break?

Posted by Zumbs on May 10, 2012

The Sun was burning from a clear, blue sky. A small group of travelers make their way through the Mojave wasteland. One of the travelers – dressed in the dusty blue-yellow jumpsuit of an underground vault – was trailing behind, gasping for air. As they passed underneath an old billboard he fell to his knees. As he was about to give up, a man dressed in a red-black merc outfit gave a bottle to the vault dweller. In a raspy voice, he said “Here. Drink that.” The vault dweller took one glance at the glass bottle in his hand. The red label, the white writing, the brown liquid. A Nuka Cola!

In an instant, the vault dweller was on his feet, had opened the bottle and was greedily downing its content, as a warm glow covered his world and the radio played a happy tune. One happy moment to prepare him for the coming harshness of the wasteland…

Fallout Nuka Break LogoThis is the opening of the Fallout: Nuka Break fan film. The fan film has a good grasp of the atmosphere and humor of the Fallout series, not to mention lots of references to the games. As you will find out, the affliction of the hero is a direct reference to the original Fallout games.

The graphical expression is similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. As noted earlier, it is set in the Mojave wasteland, around the time of Fallout New Vegas. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot, and if you liked either of the games in the Fallout series, I expect you will as well.

The fan film is followed by a web series, and the creators are trying to raise money for a second season. So, if you like it, go support it!

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Initial thoughts on Sony ebook reader PRS-T1

Posted by Zumbs on May 3, 2012

Before making my choice, I had a good long look at the available ebook readers. While support for multiple ebook formats was a plus, my main objective was to get a book that would help me organize my notes for tabletop roleplaying.

After making a odt to pdf converter, it was easy to convert my notes to pdf, so the ability to handle pdfs was the primary functionality. In order to be convenient, it would need many of the abilities of regular paper. I would need to be able to add notes, maybe even drawings, to the pdf. It should be reasonably easy to skim through a pdf. I have a lot of documents, so some way of organizing it would be useful. Being able to connect the ebook reader to a computer and transfer pdfs were, naturally, of the utmost importance.

After looking at reviews, including some nice youtube videos, I made my choice: Sony PRS-T1. Primarily because its pdf handling is quite good. Like other readers, the screen is a bit slow to update, and sometimes the touch screen does not register your presses. But it does all that I need it to do. The reader can be connected to a PC, pdfs can be copied to it and opened on the screen. The reader also run Android, which is nice.

It does not come with reader software for the PC, so you have to download it from Sonys homepage. Like iTunes, the PC software helps you manage your library on the PC. When using the reader software, it prompts you to log into your Sony account. That is a bit annoying. It’s pretty easy to import files into your library – simply point it to a folder and it will import anything in it.

The library files can be moved into collections that can help organize your library. With 190 pdf documents, this is important as the ebook reader cannot use the folder structure to organize manually added pdfs. However, using collections requires that you add the library by using the Sync feature of the ebook reader. And the Sync feature requires that you have logged into your Sony account. Annoying!

So, let me reiterate: In order to get the most of your ebook reader, you have to have a Sony account and be logged in. Thus far, this is my major annoyance with the ebook reader.

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