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Zumbs’ Wearable Cigarettes, Cheroots and Cigars

Posted by Zumbs on January 12, 2010

Version: 1.0

This mod adds wearable cigarettes, cheroots and cigars to the game. The smokes can be purchased from a number of general merchants across the Fallout 3 world, such as Moira, Bannon, Lydia and Crow. The equipable smokes can be found in the appearal section of the Pip boy.

You can also purchase a Lighter that can be used to get the PC to play the smoke animation. To get the animation to play, equip the smoke that you wish to use, and the lighter (it will unequip itself, don’t be alarmed). Close the Pip boy, and go to 3rd person, where you will be able to see your character smoking the smoke. The smoking can be stopped by going to first person.

Using the smokes has no effect on the player other than being purely cosmetic.

LIMITATION: The smokes are not conformulated and will not look good on all characters. I tried to conformulate them, but it just made them fit worse, and after hours of work, I gave up. If they do not fit with your character, extract the bsa to your Fallout 3/Data (FOMM can do that for you) and open wearablecigar01.nif and/or wearablecigarette01.nif in NifScope. The cigarettes can be moved up and down by clicking the cigarette and edit the x value of the Translation field (check out screenshot).

The smoking animation should look nice for all characters. More screenshots below.

DOWNLOAD: Fallout3Nexus | Planet Fallout


Fallout 3 version (may work with other versions, but I have not tested it)


1) Open the package manager
2) Press Add New and browse to where you saved this archive
3) Highlight the mod and press Activate.

1) Extract “Zumbs’ Wearable Cigarettes, Cheroots and Cigars.esp”, and the folders meshes and textures to your Fallout 3/Data folder
2) Open your prefered mod manager and activate the mod


1) Open the package manager
2) Highlight the mod and press Deactivate

1) Open your favorite mod manager
2) Uncheck “Zumbs’ Wearable Cigarettes, Cheroots and Cigars.esp”
3) Delete “Zumbs’ Wearable Cigarettes, Cheroots and Cigars.esp” and the folders called WearableSmokes in meshes\Zumbs and textures\Zumbs.


This mod can be placed anywhere in the load order, and should not conflict with anything.


You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you do either of these things, I ask that you kindly notify me.


The textures and meshes are edits of vanilla Fallout 3 textures and meshes.

A big thanks to the NifTools and GIMP team.


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