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Zumbs’ Console Mod

Posted by Zumbs on November 26, 2009

Version: 1.0

Wearing the console goggles

Wearing the console goggles


This mod adds a set of goggles to the players inventory that allows the player to open the console by equipping the goggles. It is intended for people that are unable to open the console by conventional means, and have tried the recommendations on http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Console#Bugs, such as disabling the IR drivers.

When you load up the mod, a pair of “Console Goggles” is added to your inventory (for a new game, they are added after Amata has spoken to you during the Escape). Equipping them opens the console. It is recommended to hotkey them as this allows you to open the console with your pipboy closed.

This mod is a remake of VISTA Console Mod by Rapier_21. The reason for a remake is to increase compatiblity and ease of use (this mod comes as a FOMOD ready archive).

DOWNLOAD: Fallout3Nexus | Planet Fallout


Fallout 3 version
Fallout Script Extender v 1.1 b9 or later (get it at http://fose.silverlock.org)


1) Open the package manager
2) Press Add New and browse to where you saved this archive
3) Highlight the mod and press Activate.

1) Extract “Zumbs’ Console Mod.esp” to your Fallout 3/Data folder
2) Open your prefered mod manager and activate the mod
3) To ensure that the console is actually visible, you may want to edit the iConsoleTextYPos and iConsoleTextXPos settings in the FALLOUT3.ini, which is placed in your My Documents/My Games/Fallout 3 folder


1) Open the package manager
2) Highlight the mod and press Deactivate

1) Open your favorite mod manager
2) Uncheck “Zumbs’ Console Mod.esp”
3) If you changed the ini when installing the mod, you may want to undo the changes.


This mod can be placed anywhere in the load order, and should not conflict with anything.

Terms of Usage

You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you do either of these things, I ask that you kindly notify me.


This mod is a remake of VISTA Console Mod by Rapier_21, which is based on Original Ring Of Console mod for TES4 by Skycaptain.

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  1. Interesting, Thanks for the FOMM tut’s as well

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