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Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs

Posted by Zumbs on November 13, 2009

Version: 1.1

After activating this mod you will be able to loot and kill unconscious essential NPCs (and creatures) by activating them. Only the player is able to kill essential NPCs, so it will not accidentally damage your game. To get the kill option, you need to have a weapon equipped.

Note that killing an essential NPC or creature may make quests malfunction, so you kill them at your own risk.

Due to limitations in the scripting engine, only NPCs and creatures made essential by unmodded Fallout 3 are affected by the kill option. The DLC are no supported as I do not own them.

As this mod works by adding a perk to the player, it is highly recommended that you apply the latest patch to your game.

DOWNLOAD: Fallout3Nexus | Planet Fallout


Fallout 3 version

Installation and Uninstallation


1) Open the package manager
2) Press Add New and browse to where you saved this archive
3) Highlight the mod and press Activate.

1) Extract one of the files “Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs.esp”, “Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs_FOSE.esp” or “Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs_NoGore.esp” to the Fallout 3/Data folder
2) Open your prefered mod manager and activate the mod


WARNING: If you have not applied the 1.6 or later patches, you will need to remove the perk before uninstalling. Open the console and write

startquest ZumbsLootKillPerkAdder

Then follow the steps below

1) Open the package manager
2) Highlight the mod and press Deactivate

1) Open your favorite mod manager
2) Uncheck “Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs.esp” (or whichever you installed)
3) Delete the files
Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs.esp
Kill and Loot Unconscious Essential NPCs – readme.txt


This mod can be placed anywhere in the load order, and should not conflict with anything. Killing essential NPCs may screw up your game, but no one is forcing your hand!

Version History

Version 1.0: Initial release (November 11th 2009)

version 1.1: Released on November 25th 2009
* New Feature: When melee weapon is equipped, an attack animation is played when Kill is chosen
* New Feature: Head is smashed when kill is chosen
* New Feature: FOSE version fires your weapon when kill is chosen
* New Feature: No gore version

Terms of Usage

You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you do either of these things, I ask that you kindly notify me.

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