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Zumbs’ Overhauled Real-Time Security

Posted by Zumbs on October 31, 2009

Version: 2.2hacking

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation, Uninstallation and Upgrading
  4. Compatibility
  5. Advanced Configuration
  6. Version history
  7. Terms of Usage
  8. Thanks
  9. Videos

1. Introduction

This mod introduces real-time lockpicking, hacking, and lock smashing (a.k.a. lockbashing) with melee weapons, guns and explosives. The player also gain the ability to try to pry open a lock. It is highly configurable, as discussed in section 5.

Zumbs Overhauled Real-Time Security (ZORTS) has the following in-game features:

  • Lockpicking: Equip the Bobby Pin in the weapons tab, point your crosshair towards a locked object and press attack. Please be advised that picking a lock you do not own may anger the locals.
  • Hacking: Holster your weapons, point your crosshair towards a terminal and press ‘H’. Hacking a terminal you do not own may cause anger amongst onlookers. Hacking can be interrupted by pressing the attack control.
  • Lockbashing: Equip a weapon, point the crosshair towards a locked object and press attack. A lock can be very sturdy, and may require a lot of work before it opens. Be advised that the locals may consider destruction of property a serious criminal offence. The current HP of the container is shown if ‘H’ is pressed.
  • Explosives: Equip an explosive, point your crosshair towards a locked object, and press attack. This will open a menu where you can choose a timer. If you are not proficient with explosives, it may detonate while you try to place it. As it is quite dangerous to be near the explosion when it goes off, it is advised that you vacate the blast radius. This highly dangerous method will likely be considered to be a very serious criminal offence by locals.
  • Prying: Equip a knife or a crowbar, point your crosshair towards a locked object, and press ‘P’ to attempt to pry open the door. This may anger the locals.
  • Configuration Menu: The menu can be opened by holstering your weapon and pressing ‘P’. The configuration menu allows you to toggle minigames on/of, disable everything but lockbashing, apply the factory (install) settings, apply the default settings, and toggle debug mode.
  • In-game documentation: Look under notes in your pip boy for basic instructions.

LIMITATIONS: Only ONE lock can be lockbashed at a time. Bashing at another lock will clear the effects on the first lock unless it has been bashed open. This limitation includes usage of explosives: Only one lock can be mined at a time.

WARNING: Trying to break open locks in the Wasteland may cause passers by to assume that you are a thief and react accordingly.lockpicking


Planet Fallout

2. Requirements

  • Fallout 3 with the 1.7 patch (it may work with earlier patches)
  • Fallout Script Extender v1.2 beta 2 or later (can be found at fose.silverlock.org)

3. Installation, Uninstallation and Upgrading

a. Install

1) Open the Package Manager.
2) Press “Add new” and browse to whereever you saved the archive.
3) Press “Activate” and follow the instructions on the screen.
1) Extract the archive to a temporary location.
2) Copy all files except the fomod folder to your Fallout 3/Data folder.
3) Open your favorite mod manager.
4) Activate “Zumbs’ Overhauled Real Time Security.esm”.

As such you are done, but there are a number of options. If you

  • Prefer not to disable the minigame, activate “ZORTS – Enable minigames.esp”.
  • Only want lockbashing enabled, activate “ZORTS – Lockbash only.esp” (this enables the minigames).
  • Want the possibility of explosives and lockbashing causing content destruction, enable either “ZORTS – Content Destruction – Normal.esp” or “ZORTS – Content Destruction – Extreme.esp”, but not both! Quest items are protected.
  • Want custom HP and traps for containers, activate “ZORTS – Custom HP.esp”. Compatibility patches for FOOK2 and FWE are included. Only use one of the Custom HP esps.
  • If you use FOOK2 or FWE, you may want to disable their flavors of Explosive Entry and Menubased Lockpicking and Hacking, by activating “ZORTS – Disable FOOK2 activate.esp” or “ZORTS – Disable FWE activate.esp”.
  • FWE users should note that “ZORTS – Disable FWE activate.esp” also include detection of FWE crowbars and the FWE science book perk.

If you use a custom attack key and wish to use real-time lockpicking, please open the in-game Configuration Menu and enable custom attack key compatibility.

b. Uninstall

1) Open the Package Manager.
2) Press “Deactivate”.

1) Open your favorite mod manager and the mods installed above.
2) Delete the following files:

ZORTS – Content Destruction – Extreme.esp
ZORTS – Content Destruction – Normal.esp
ZORTS – Custom HP – FOOK2.esp
ZORTS – Custom HP – FWE.esp
ZORTS – Custom HP.esp
ZORTS – Disable FOOK2 activate.esp
ZORTS – Disable FWE activate.esp
ZORTS – Enable minigames.esp
ZORTS – Lockbash only.esp
Zumbs’ Overhauled Real Time Security – readme.txt
Zumbs’ Overhauled Real Time Security.bsa
Zumbs’ Overhauled Real Time Security.esm


c. Upgrade

If you have customized the ini, please backup your ini, and apply changes to the new ini after upgrading.

1) Open the Package Manager
2) Disable ZORTS v1.x
3) Install as above (Section 3.a)

1) Uninstall ZORTS v1.x (Similar to Section 3.b above)
2) Install as above (Section 3.a)

4. Compatibility

This mod does not modify anything in the game, so it is likely to be compatible with most mods out there. It even works with “Explosive Entry” by Lap and “Menu Based Hacking and Picking” by angleae. It does, however, use the keys ‘H’ and ‘P’, for central functionality. The keys used can be changed, as discussed in Section 5. It can be placed anywhere in your load order.

The custom HP for selected containers are, however, likely to conflict with some mods, as a script has been added to a number of containers and doors. Compatibility patches for FOOK2 and FWE are included. Garybash tags have been added so garybash users can construct a bashed patch to ensure only scripts are overwritten.

5. Advanced Configuration

This section is an overview of how to configure the mod beyond the Configuration Menu. ZORTS is highly configurable, as most parts of it is controlled by Globals. The settings are described in more detail in ZORTS.ini, but include:

  • Difficulty of different tasks
  • The option to disable parts of the mod
  • The option to pick key only locks (use with caution)
  • Reassinging keys
  • Crime toggle

After making your changes, start up the game, open the console and write

bat Data/ZORTS.ini

press return and close the console. Note that you have to do this every time you start a new game.

6. Version History

Version 1.0: Initial release (October 31st 2009)
Version 1.1: Released on November 1st 2009

  • New Feature: Configuration menu
  • New Feature: “Jamming” of locks during lockpicking now has Infiltrator support
  • New Feature: Support for hand-to-hand lockbasing
  • Bugfix: Hacking “breaking” terminals disabled

Version 1.2: Released on November 5th 2009

  • Bugfix: Non-default attack key can now be used (toggle in configuration menu)
  • Bugfix: HUD now updates when lock is unlocked
  • Bugfix: Equipable Bobby Pins removed when lockpicking is disabled
  • Bugfix: Placing explosives is now viewed as assault
  • Bugfix: Should now work in god mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where using explosives after prying caused game to think player were prying
  • Tweek: If player sneaks when lockbashing, the player is unsneaked

Version 2.0: Released on August 8th 2010

  • New Feature: Crowbar added to leveled lists using scripts for compatibility (models by Frostbitex460)
  • New Feature: Added lockpicks of better quality (custom models by lordinquisitor)
  • New Feature: Added lockpick repair kit for high quality lockpicks (custom model by lordinquisitor)
  • New Feature: Optional destruction of contents when lockbashing and using explosives
  • New Feature: Perk to lessen the destruction of contents available at level 6 if Explosives:50+ (suggested by ApOkwARG)
  • New Feature: Optional custom HP with FWE and FOOK2 compatibility patches
  • Compatibility: Detection of FWE, Arwens Realism Tweeks and Fallout Advanced for increased lock HP
  • Compatibility: Detection of FWE bookperk for lockpicking
  • Compatibility: Optional disabling of Explosive Entry and Menubased hacking and picking for FOOK2 and FWE
  • Compatibility: Added garybash tags where needed
  • Tweek: Added clarification on the ability of explosives to explode in your head
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where breaking the last bobby pin did not unequip the equipable bobby pin
  • Bugfix: Weapons with no ammo can no longer damage a lock

Version 2.1: Released on September 13th 2010

  • New Feature: Added 3rd person lockpicking animation
  • Tweek: More difficult to dodge traps
  • Tweek: Increase explosives damage by 50%
  • Tweek: Terminals can now jam – infiltrator perk saves against it (but cannot fix it)
  • Bugfix: Show conditions for Master Safecracker perk
  • Compatibility: Hopefully fixed an issue with RTS where the attack key would not be disabled when lockpicks were out.
  • Compatibility: Increased bonus for FWE lockpicking book perk
  • Compatibility: Recognizes FWE crowbar (use ZORTS – Disable FWE activate.esp)
  • Compatibility: Detects FWE science book perk to improve chance of hacking a terminal (use ZORTS – Disable FWE activate.esp)

Version 2.2: Released on September 25th 2010

  • Bugfix: Canceling placement of explosive no longer counts as a crime

7. Terms of Usage

You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you do either of these things, I ask that you kindly notify me.

8. Thanks

– The FOSE team for their hard work
– The NifTools team for NifScope
– ElministerEU for FO3Edit
– Timeslip and L0ki for Fallout Mod Manager
– Breeze for the very cool fomod install script
– The Valhalla project for figuring out how to make idles play
– All the nice people at the forums and modding sites for sharing their knowledge.
– The people who were nice enough to file bug reports and suggestions
– Frostbitex460 and lordinquisitor for letting me use their models

9. Videos

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Two columns, subfigure and figure*

Posted by Zumbs on October 4, 2009

I used a few hours earlier this week trying to get my two column latex document to compile using the figure* environment. At the \end{figure*} line pdflatex complained that it did not have enough endpoints:

! Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup.
\@endfloatbox ...pagefalse \outer@nobreak \egroup 
l.239 \end{figure*}

The error were in the lines:


After seriously reducing the size of my latex document, I discovered that removing the subfigure package would remove the problem. However, this were not a solution, as I had some pagesized figures, consisting of smaller figures. I searched googled the problem, and eventually found this thread.

As noted by localghost, the subfigure package is depricated, and using the subfig package instead solved the problem. Using the subfig package instead of the subfigure package is, fortunately, rather simple – it pretty much consists of replacing \subfigure with \subfloat.

On a side note, it seems that the problem were not caused by the subfigure package by itself, but by interaction between the subfigure package and another package, as this code does compile:


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Figures for Latex with OpenOffice Draw

Posted by Zumbs on October 4, 2009

There are numerous options for making figures to use with Latex. I usually use pdflatex, and, thus, prefer using figures in pdf format. This gives a few problems. Many programs either do not come with the ability to export to pdf, and even if they do, they export the entire page, and not a cropped figure. Another option is to take a screenshot of your figure, but that often looks ugly and does not scale very well.

OpenOffice comes with a pdf exporter, but it does not automatically crop the page to only contain the figure. It is, however, easy to rectify, as it is easy to change the size of the paper to whatever dimensions you want.

This is handled through the Page Setup dialog, which can be opened by Format->Page, as shown below:


This brings up the Page Setup dialog, where you can edit the width and height of the drawing. When you are done, press ok and investigate if the figure is cropped to your liking.


After having cropped the drawing to your liking, it can be exported to pdf by using File->Export as PDF… and clicking Export in the dialogue. Your new pdf figure can be imported into your Latex document using this small bit of code:

\caption{This is my new pdf figure.} \label{fig:pdffigure}

Usage of \includegraphics requires that you add \usepackage{graphicx} to the header of your latex document. The described procedure works with LibreOffice as well.

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