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Zumbs’ Darker Sunglasses

Posted by Zumbs on September 23, 2009

The image left shows the vanilla sunglasses, the right image shows the mirrored shades.

The image left shows the vanilla sunglasses, the right image shows the mirrored shades.

Version: 2.1

1. Introduction

The sunglasses in the game were very transparent and lacked reflection from light sources (specular light).

This mod changes sunglasses the so that your eyes are almost invisible, and even adds reflection from light sources. The new, cooler sunglasses are now called “Mirrored Shades”. Even though you neither killed Mason nor dug up a stiff, you are looking cool. Cool enough to get that +1 Charisma, you’ve been waiting for. How about that?

A number of new sunglasses have been added, and can be purchased from Craterside Supply and Potomac Attire. Inspired by CrazyAce’s Sunglasses FX an optional plugin adds screen effects when wearing the sunglasses, i.e. the Mirrored Shades makes everything darker, and the Red Shades makes everything seem more reddish. Please take a look at the screenshots below.


Planet Fallout

2. Requirements

Fallout 3. I have only tested it with the 1.7 patch, but it should work with most other versions.

3. Installation and uninstallation


To install the mod, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Package Manager.
  2. Press “Add new” and browse to whereever you saved the archive.
  3. Press “Activate” and follow the instructions on the screen (answer yes, if prompted to overwrite).

To uninstall the mod, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Package Manager.
  2. Highlight Zumbs’ Darker Sunglasses and press “Deactivate”.


This archive contains five files in the data folder:

ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.esp Default plugin
ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_no_replace.esp Use this if you do not want the sunglasses to be replaced
ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_screen_effects.esp Use this if you want the screen effects.
Zumbs’ Darker Sunglasses – readme This document
ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.bsa Contains meshes and textures

To install, perform the following steps

  1. Extract ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.bsa and your prefered .esp into your Fallout 3/Data directory
  2. Rename ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.bsa so it has the same name as the .esp you use (if you use ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_screen_effects.esp, the bsa must be renamed to ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_screen_effects.bsa)
  3. Open your favorite Fallout 3 launcher (I recommend using FOMM) and check the esp, you wish to use.

To uninstall, uncheck ZumbsDarkerSunglasses*.esp and delete the above files from your Fallout 3/Directory.

When upgrading from earlier versions, please uninstall the earlier version.

4. Compatibility

It should be compatible with everything, that does not edit the sun glasses. If you find any incompatibilities or bugs, please report them to me.

Improved Glassses by steph87: Do not use the compatibility patch, as it were made for version 1.x. Steph87s ideas for shades has been incorporated into this mod.

Sunglasses FX by CrazyAce: CrazyAce’s ideas has been incorporated into this mod through ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_screen_effects.esp. This should load after SunGlassesFX.esp.

5. Version history

Version 1.0: Initial release (November 15th 2008)

Version 1.1: Released on November 17th 2008

  • Added two new textures, “more transparent” and “so 60s”
  • Added support for non-replacer version
  • Changed file structure to allow support for non-replacer version

Version 1.2: Released on December 7th 2008

  • Bugfix: Added MIP maps to default texture
  • Changed Lucky Shades to use new textures
  • Added three new textures, red, silver1 and silver2

Version 2.0: Released on September 23th 2009

  • New Feature: New shades can be bought from Craterside Supply and Potomac Attire
  • New Feature: Optional screen effects when wearing new shades
  • Changed Enchantment on shades, so that they give +1 PER during the day, but -1 PER during the night
  • Changed shades so that they only fill the “Glasses” slot (previously they also used the “Mask” slot)

Version 2.1: Released on August 3rd 2010

  • Bugfix: Fixed freeze when interacting with the shades container in Craterside Supply and Potomac Attire
  • New Feature: FOMOD installer

6. Terms of Usage

You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you upload it to another site, I ask that you kindly notify me. If you edit and upload it, please notify me as well.

7. Thanks

8. More Screenshots

The image left shows the vanilla sunglasses, the right image shows the mirrored shades.

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