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Zumbs’ Darker Sunglasses

Posted by Zumbs on September 20, 2009

The image left shows the vanilla sunglasses, the right image shows the mirrored shades.

The image left shows the vanilla sunglasses, the right image shows the mirrored shades.

Version: 1.2

1. Introduction

The sun glasses in the game were very transparent and lacked reflection from light sources (specular light).

This mod changes sunglasses so that your eyes are almost invisible, and even adds reflection from light sources. The new, cooler sunglasses are now called “Mirrored Shades”. Even though you didn’t kill Mason or dug up a stiff, you are looking cool. Cool enough to get that +1 Charisma, you’ve been waiting for. How about that?

Since I started working on this mod, a lot of requests have come in. So, now you have multiple options for which type of texture you prefer (take a look at the screenshots below).


Planet Fallout

2. Requirements

Fallout 3. I have not applied the patch (as I do not have the problems described).

3. Installation and uninstallation

To install, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Browse to My Documents\My games\Fallout3, and make a backup of FALLOUT.INI
  2. Open FALLOUT.INI and change the line “bInvalidateOlderFiles=0” to “bInvalidateOlderFiles=1”.
  3. Extract the contents of this archive to your Fallout 3/Data directory
  4. If you wish to use a non-default texture (“more transparent”, “so 60s”, red, silver1, or silver2), browse to Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\hair and rename the texture to ZumbsSunglasses.dds (you must rename the existing one).
  5. Open your favorite Fallout 3 launcher (I recommend using FOMM)
  6. Check ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.esp (if you want the replacer) or ZumbsDarkerSunglasses_no_replace.esp if you prefer not using replacers.
  7. If you are using the non-replacer version, you can add the new Mirrored Shades to your inventory by opening the console (the ~ key below Esc) and type:

    player.additem xx05c99f

    where xx is the position of the esp in your load order, counting Fallout3.esm as 0. Please note that the position is in base 16.

To uninstall, uncheck ZumbsDarkerSunglasses.esp and delete the following files from your Fallout 3/Data directory:


If you installed version 1.0, you should also delete:


4. Compatibility

It should be compatible with everything, that does not edit the sun glasses.

If you find any incompatibilities or bugs, please report them to me.

5. Version history

Version 1.0: Initial release (November 15th 2008)

Version 1.1: Released on November 17th 2008

  • Added two new textures, “more transparent” and “so 60s”
  • Added support for non-replacer version
  • Changed file structure to allow support for non-replacer version

Version 1.2: Released on December 7th 2008

  • Bugfix: Added MIP maps to default texture
  • Changed Lucky Shades to use new textures
  • Added three new textures, red, silver1 and silver2

6. Terms of Usage

You are free to use, distribute and edit this mod. If you upload it to another site, I ask that you kindly notify me. If you edit and upload it, please notify me as well.

7. Thanks

8. More Screenshots

2 Responses to “Zumbs’ Darker Sunglasses”

  1. Flo said

    I always liked this mod… Is there a chance that you’ll port it to New Vegas?

    • Zumbs said

      Heh … that is a good question. At the moment, I don’t own New Vegas, but I doubt I’ll be able to keep my hands of it for more than a few months 🙂 As I haven’t played New Vegas, I don’t even know if the sunglasses in New Vegas are as screwed up as in Fallout 3.

      The real issue, however, is that the mod uses meshes and edited textures from Fallout 3. So, unless the same meshes and textures exist in New Vegas, I cannot use my edited versions (Bethesda would be cross). Which would require me to start from scratch.

      I guess the answer to your question is: “Yes, there is a chance I will port the glasses.” With a bit of luck, someone else will be making a few pairs over the comming months.

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