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Eirik Wythring – Spellmaker

Posted by Zumbs on September 19, 2009

Eirik Wythring

Eirik Wythring

Eirik Wythring is a nord Mage that lives in the Elven Gardens district (see screenies for specific location) and can make spells and enchant items for the player … but he is not cheap! It costs 2000 septims per. The mod is fully voiced, even though he does mumle a bit. The robe in the screen is a conjurers robe from Slof’s Oblivion Robe Traders. If you don’t install that mod, Eirik Wythring will wear the standard vanilla conjurers robe.


Planet Elder Scrolls


  • TES4: Oblivion version 1.2.0416

Installation and uninstallation

Aside from the screenshots, this mod comes with three files:



EirikWythringSpellmaker – readme.txt

To install, extract the files to your Oblivion\Data folder, and activate the mod in the Oblivion Launcher.

To uninstall, uncheck the mod in the Oblivion Launcher and delete the three files above. Make sure not to load a savegame inside Eirik Wythrings home.


It should be compatible with everything, unless it places anything important near the door to Eirik Wythrings house.

If you find any incompatibilities or bugs, please report them to me.

Version history

v 1.0: Initial release (July 9th 2008)


  • Bethsoft for making Oblivion and publicising the Construction set
  • Toutatis for helping me figure out how to generate .lip files

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